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We are ShutterTrips, an enthusiastic photographic duo based in Athens, Greece, dedicated to shooting the most amazing landscapes, cityscapes & street scenes in Greece. ShutterTrips is a photographic service offering an all-in-one "photographic tour" package, allowing amateur, experienced and professional photographers to capture the best landscape, architecture & cityscape/street spots in Greece. Join one of our Photo Trips, pack your gear and clothes, charge your "batteries", get in a photographic mood and let us do the rest! We'll pick you up from the airport, make sure you feel like home, surround you with the well-known Greek hospitality and we'll take you to the planned destinations and show you the hottest spots and angles to shoot Greece's most amazing scenery! All you have to worry about is your own gear, the rest is on us! We'll book the hotels, flights/road trips, restaurants, snacks, etc. If you feel like you need some specific guidance and tutoring on photography, you can opt for the "Tutoring" option or book a small team/private workshop with us before the photo trip.

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Book a seat in one of our planned Photo Trips, get on a flight to Athens, Greece ( Eleftherios Venizelos airport, ATH ) and we will pick you up from the airport and take full care of you, transport you to the photographic destinations, show you the best angles, take you to nice restaurants, book a hotel room for you, make sure you have a wonderful time and capture magnificent photos, and take you back to the airport to catch your flight back home!

We're adding new destinations and packages every now and then, we'll be more than happy to have you back for another trip!

On-Location Training

On-Location Training

If you feel like your photography skills aren't developed enough to allow you to capture the scenery the way you imagined it, do not worry! By adding the On-Location training service to your trip we will tutor you on the field, making sure that you'll have plenty of wonderful shots with you in your luggage!



Feel like you need to refine your photographic and/or Post-Processing skills ? Worry not! We're here to help you! Choose a category and book a seat in one of our small team or private workshops and we'll make sure that you fully comprehend and be able to utilize all of our suggestions, methods, tricks and workflows before leaving our workshop! You can check the "packages" offered in the Services Details section of our site.
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Premium Workshops

Learning how to take awesome photographs is nice, but wouldn't it be nicer if the learning process took place at an awesome place somewhere in Greece ? This is where the "Premium Workshops" service comes in play. Just like the regular workshops, the Premium Workshops are taught both in a classroom ( the theoretical parts ) and on location ( in the wilderness ), the key difference between them and the regular workshops lies in their duration and the locations. While the regular workshops practice parts take place in locations near Athens, the premium workshops take place in distant locations around Greece and their duration varies from 2 days to 3 days. To name a few locations where our premium workshops take place: Meteora, the Alpine lakes on Mt. Tymfi at Epirus, Lake Prespes, etc.



If you would like to hire us for your personal or business photography needs, please visit www.digital-eyes.gr

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Workshops are theoretical and practical lessons each taught separately as a category ( there are dedicated workshops for landscape photography entirely, another workshop for astrophotography, etc ). When you sign up for a specific workshop, you have the option to purchase the theoretical part or the practical part separately or together ( buying both gives you an extra discount ). Workshops currently available:
  • Photography 101 ( Part 1: Theoretical - Part 2: On-Location )
  • Landscape Photography ( Part 1: Theoretical - Part 2: On-Location )
  • Night & Astrophotography ( Part 1: Theoretical - Part 2: On-Location )
  • Long Exposure Photography ( ( Part 1: Theoretical - Part 2: On-Location )
  • Composition: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Architecture, Abstract
  • Time-Lapse Photography ( Part 1: Theoretical - Part 2: On-Location )
  • Equipment Guide